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PAIN – You have pain we have Pirom 

Pirom: feeling good, being happy

Studies of the active components of Asian medicinal plants and common balsamic preparations have led to the creation of preparations - balm and oil - that are quickly and completely absorbed by our skin, with vasodilatoring and analgesic properties.  

Pain is a sign of organic disorders or illness that we often cure by taking painkillers based on salicylates, pyrazolones and phenethidine. These work symptomatically - they treat the symptoms but not the cause - and their excessive use causes damage to the kidneys, blood and other organs and is addictive.  

The application of Pirom - made of natural active substances - combined with a gentle massage, has an analgesic and vasodilating effect on the sore part of the body, quickly providing relief and promoting healing.  

Pirom comes in a balm and a more concentrated oil version. 

Pirom Balsam is composed of methyl salicylate (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for local use), levomenthol (anaesthetic), natural camphor and cinnamon leaf essential oil (promotes blood circulation) and eucalyptus essential oil (anti-inflammatory)  

Pirom Oil consists of methyl salicylate and gaultheriae (both non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for local use), levomenthol (anaesthetic), natural camphor, essential oil of eucalyptus (anti-inflammatory) and lemon.  


Especially indicated in cases of:  

  •  Rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis and gout 
  •  Pain, inflammation of joints and muscles   
  •  Muscle contractions, back pain and lumbago    
  •  Painful injuries: contusions, strains, sprains and swellings  
  •  Beneficial effects in cases of colds, headaches (watch out for the eyes) and insect bites 


PIROM is Swissmedic registered.  

On sale in pharmacies and drugstores. 

At the request of specialists such as medical masseurs, physiotherapists, etc. who appreciate Pirom, we developed Pirom massage,  

a cream that allows the therapist to massage the sore part of our body, promoting healing.  

Particularly appreciated for its scent reminiscent of wellness and spa, it is moisturising and extremely well tolerated.  

Pirom massage can be used in combination with Pirom Balm and Pirom Oil.  

Pirom massage is a cosmetic product.  

On sale in pharmacies, drugstores and specialised shops. 


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